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Benefits of Sealcoating

Des Plaines asphalt pavements are a simple combination of rock, sand, and a glue which is the liquid asphalt that binds everything together. The UV radiation breaks down the asphalt glue and weakens so that it can no longer hold the rocks and sand, thus gradually loosing the top surface. The first and most obvious sign of this degradation is the gradual change in the color of the asphalt from black, to brown, and finally to gray. Next your parking lot begins to look rough and piles of sand seem to appear in the low areas of the parking lot. This is not from your neighbors yard but from the deterioration of your parking lot. In the later stages of degradation the bigger rocks fall out, raveling takes place, and the parking lot is rough, extremely dirty because now dirt and grass fill the spaces where rocks were.

Also because the asphalt is oxidizing under the UV radiation, it looses its flexibility. This flexibility is extremely important because asphalt can take great loads and bounce back to its original condition. When asphalt looses its flexibility it becomes brittle begins to crack and break.

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