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paving, concrete & plowing contractor lombard ilAll Ways Paving & Plowing, a professional Chicago paving company, has been in business for over 10 years. Our expert team of pavers have over 70 years of combined experience working in the paving industry. We specialize in aphalt driveways and parking lots, concrete sidewalks, and catch basin adjustment, installation, and repair. We also offer repair services for your Lombard asphalt paving needs, such as seal coating and crack sealing. In need of wheelchair accessible concrete ramps? At All Ways Paving, we are also well versed in ADA compliancy for concrete ramps.

When you contact All Ways Paving for your asphalt paving needs, you will receive quality service. At every level, beginning with full-time office staff and continuing with our sales and labor teams, we aim to provide our customers with a sense of confidence only experts deliver. We are the best at our business, and we extend the arm of excellence into our every service opportunity.

All Ways Paving & Plowing - Lombard Asphalt Paving

Asphalt is the first essential component that comes to the mind when building quality pavements or driveways. All Ways Paving, your Lombard asphalt paving contractor, can help assist you with all your paving needs. You can trust that our expert asphalt pavers will provide quality results. We understand that the preparation of the surface of your Lombard ashpalt is very important while laying the asphalt. Skill and proper training are essential to pave an asphalt driveway or slab. That's why we only hire qualified and talented Lombard contractors to execute each paving project with great efficiency.

Lombard Snow Removal

All Ways Paving & Plowing provides complete snow removal services including snow removal, shoveling and sidewalk clearing. We provided Lombard snow removal services from roads and parking lots to walkways and driveways. Our technicians make every effort to provide you with complete winter services for your safety and comfort. With over 15 years of paving and plowing experience, we are a clear choice for the snow removal needs of our customers in Lombard. Our extensive base of paving equipment is easily put to work for our customers all winter long.

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Lombard Asphalt Maintenance

Asphalt patching is a frequently used repair technique for imperfections such as potholes. Potholes can be formed by the freezing and thawing of water in unsealed or improperly sealed cracks. As the ice forms it expands and damages the surrounding asphalt leaving voids and thus a pothole is born. The process of replacing the asphalt depends on the affected area and the seasonal conditions.

In some cases, it can be more cost affective to resurface or overlay the asphalt. Good candidates for resurfacing are low spots and large sections of interconnecting cracks. This process is unique to each job and can consist of leveling of low spots, grinding off uneven surfaces, adjusting drainage paths and other details pertaining to the specific problem.

If you are in need of asphalt maintenance or repair services, contact All Ways Paving today. Our talented team of paving contractors will have your asphalt looking like new in no time.

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