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paving, concrete & plowing contractor niles ilPaving a driveway is generally the last thing on a Niles homeowner or potential Niles homeowner's mind, but the choices made can make a real difference down the road. Some driveway types will require lots of maintenance and frequent repair or replacement and others, such as asphalt, are meant to stand the test of time. Buying one that will last is generally the best choice overall.

Asphalt, the stuff roads are made of, is meant to take a serious beating. For Niles paving purposes it's made of a mixture of concrete and petroleum that's designed to handle heat, weight and wear and tear when it retains a solid form. Just like a roadway, though, it requires proper laying and care to maintain its usefulness, but when these go into the mix, the advantages over plain concrete are many and include:

  • Smoothness - Asphalt generally looks cleaner and smoother than gravel. It's also a little easier to shape than concrete. A well laid asphalt driveway can look as pretty as a black sheet of glass.
  • Property value - A solid driveway that looks great can add value to a property by increasing its eye appeal.
  • Appearance - Asphalt that's well maintained can hold its appearance much longer than typical concrete and especially gravel. Since it's laid down and hardened, asphalt won't need to be replaced as often as loose gravel drives will.

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"Over the past 8 years All Ways Paving has been our contractor who has repaired, striped and seal coated our parking lot here at Notre Dame College Prep. They also repair all the catch basins that are in need of repair. Notre Dame continues to value this relationship and would highly recommend All Ways Paving to others in need of pavement repair or replacement."

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