How To Protect Your Pavement From Winter Weather

Chicago commercial paving maintenanceEven the best quality pavement installed by the most qualified experts can still succumb to winter weather-related damages. The smart approach to take it to be prepared for this, in order to take action and minimize damages.

Many people mistakenly believe that it is the harsh cold temperatures that can have such a devastating affect on the pavement. In actuality, it is the freeze and thaw cycle that repeatedly happens and ends up causing damage to your asphalt surfaces.

Keep in mind that freezing contracts while thawing expands, and then imagine this over and over, all winter long. This ends up causing damages, as well as taking the already existing cracks or holes, and intensifying them.

Getting Proactive About Your Preventative Service

Some relatively simple tips can help you keep your pavement in tact, or at least minimize the damages:

Address the need for crack fill and seal coat! This should be done before temperatures drop below 50 because the seal coat needs time to cure overnight. Take this important step prior to winter weather moving in and you are going to be able to help save your pavement.

Before the first snow, remove debris and get your surface cleaned. This helps by making apparent any existing issues you may not have already known about. It also makes it easier in case something freezes in place that could get in the way of a snowplow.

Once the snow begins, make it a point to shovel regularly. The helps reduce the likelihood of melting snow freezing to ice, and contributing to the freeze-thaw cycle that can be so harmful.

Aside from just snow, watch for pooling water. Where water pools one day, it tends to develop into a pothole come spring. Get repairs as quickly as possible to avoid this, even if it means scheduling repaving for spring, in order to prevent things from getting worse.

Rely on Dependable Experts

By calling on the experts here at All Ways Paving, you can rest assured that you will be getting superior service, including useful advice like this. We want to help our clients prevent repair needs from developing, in the first place. For all of your paving and plowing service needs, you can count on us.

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